Lemurian Shasta Classic

Race Day is April 26, 2014


Redding Mountain Biking would like parents of minors racing and adult racers to be aware of the dangers and treacherous conditions of the Lemurian Mountain Bike race which encompasses all three courses. This includes but is not limited to the climbing and descents, some of which are very steep and technical with drop offs.

All racers should also know other racers’ ability to navigate the trails may be more efficient and taking that line maybe above your own ability making for a potential to cause a wreck or accident that could take out other riders and cause injury to all riders involved. This usually occurs especially on the steep & technical downhills, like Salt Gulch (Couch), Gas Can, and the Brandy Creek trail (Ice Box).

All racers will be racing alongside Expert and Pro racers at times throughout the course, as well as inexperienced riders.

All racers should be aware of the length of the Long Course (26 miles) and Intermediate Course (20 miles), and how fatigue and sometimes dehydration could affect your ability to navigate the more technical sections and descents. Though we are not expected to have high temps on race day this year, dehydration could still be a factor if not properly hydrated.

It is important that all racers know their own ability and ride at the ability, else the potential for serious injury can result from your error in judgment. More importantly, the racers must be aware of the dangers of each of these courses and what technicalities each course entails. Death resulting from injury while racing the Lemurian race courses is possible. Remember: this is a race, not a ride. Downhill descent speeds can be upwards of 15-20 miles per hour depending on the trail.

All of the Lemurian Mountain Bike racers (approximately 400+ of them) take this race very seriously and will all start at the same time. This is a mass start down a narrow two-lane paved road for approximately 1 mile. They then ascend up a gravel road before climbing an even steeper gravel road to where they top out onto Monarch Mountain (approximately 1300 feet from the start). The second biggest climb is approximately 1800 feet over 2-3 miles. The technical rocky and drop off sections on steep trails are throughout the courses and on the long descents, including the last 4 miles of the course, which is the downhill portion of the Short course.

All participants will race at their own risk.

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